Training advice from Ultratunner David Roche

This link is the the Apple podcast for the Ginger Runner Live podcast with David Roche. It’s a fab insight into the methods he believes are the best ways to train. Great advice from a legend of Ultra Running. Well worth a listen Also find at

Half Marathon week 1

The training plan was this: In summary: Monday – Rest day – Tuesday – Fast finish – which means you progressively increase pace from each to moderate pace during the session. This session ended with a period at Heart Rate Zone 3 – medium effort – for 12 minutes. Wednesday – Easy effort Thursday –Continue reading “Half Marathon week 1”

The route through my first 100Km

How I handled my first Ultra Marathon Having written a review of the Race to the Stones 2019 (LINK), I have now reflected more on what I did on the day and in the lead up to the race. The race was great and I really enjoyed it. The experience. was unbelievable and one IContinue reading “The route through my first 100Km”

Hills training the what, how and why!

Having now introduced hills into my training plan I thought I would share this. It’s a good little article explaining why hills are helpful, but also some basic tips on how to run hills. — Read on

Naked Runner ND:R sunglasses review

So, being a glasses wearer with a pretty chunky prescription I have struggled finding sunglasses that work for me or glasses that work in the rain. I’ve seen plenty of people give reviews on sunglasses with prescription inserts – never very positively and I have tried but simply can’t get on with contacts. Yes laserContinue reading “Naked Runner ND:R sunglasses review”

Half Marathon training starts somewhere

Not going to post all the runs here but the first session is on my Facebook page (link below). Will post weekly updates on my training here. Feel free to follow the program with me or ask any questions. This week: Tuesday- fast finish (warmup, low effort (HRZ2), high effort to finish Wednesday – lowContinue reading “Half Marathon training starts somewhere”

Breathing techniques for runners

When I first started running I never realised how important breathing was. Sounds stupid I know but I soon found that breathing correctly was critical if I wanted to become more than just a casual jogger and achieve some good times over long distances. This is a good starting point for runners that find theyContinue reading “Breathing techniques for runners”

Summer Running Tips

The weather is due to warmup in much of the UK next week. As the summer holiday season is here and who knows we might get a good run of warm weather. Here is a good article on advice for running in the heat. Article from run and From clothing to route-planning, Sarah ScottContinue reading “Summer Running Tips”

Ultramarathon Training: A Guide to Everything –

Having just done an ultra and having kind of made up my training plan I thought I would look at what advice is out there for training to achieve the ultra distance. This article is a nice one. Seems an honest article covering a broad range of topics but also in an unbiased fashion. ThereContinue reading “Ultramarathon Training: A Guide to Everything –”