Half Marathon Training – Week 5

Last week training plan consisted of: If you watch the video you’ll hear me talk about how the week went. Having been unwell I skipped a Tuesday session, moving it to Wednesday (hence why the plan above appears to have back to back tempo sessions! I also felt this week was a real struggle with…

Half Marathon Training – Week 4

My half marathon training took a bit of a step back in priority during my weeks family holiday, but I managed some amazing runs in some simply breathtaking scenery.

Half Marathon Training – Week 3

This weeks training was planned as this: However, with the family holiday starting on Saturday things were open to a bit of adjustment, as it was we got a pretty good week. Monday and Wednesday both gentle 40/45 minute Heart Rate Zone 1 runs. easy and simple paced. Tuesday a tempo run with 25 minutes…

What to carry for long trail runs

I came across this article which is a useful starting point and guide for thinking about the kit you might want to take with you if you decide to head to the hills, the fella or just of into yonder great outdoors for a long run. It’s only ideas and suggestions and you have to…

Half Marathon week 2

This weeks training plan was: In summary: Monday โ€“ Recovery โ€“ approximately 45 minutes at low effort. (Heart Rate Zone 1) Tuesday โ€“ Fast finish โ€“ which means you progressively increase pace from each to moderate pace during the session. This session ended with a period at Heart Rate Zone 3 โ€“ medium effort โ€“ for 12 minutes….