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Quarantine Backyard Ultra July 2020

Well something made me sign up for this Backyard Ultra. Inquisitive nature, sense of challenge, or just madness. Whatever it was. I’m in and here’s a link to my blog about the prep, the event and ultimately, how things go. RACE DATE 11-July 2020

Read my review of the event and my experience here

Find my QBU preparation blog here.

GEAR: I’ve added a page for my running gear. Shoes, tech etc. So far building some reviews and started with shoes. Happy to share opinions on any of the gear I use whilst running.

Click here for a link to my gear page

GVRAT 2020


19 Aug – I completed the 1000 mile target for the GVRAT today. I won’t, make it to the full 1270 miles double crossing, but 1000 miles and counting is a real achievement.

30 June – i completed the GVRAT today! 635 miles in 61 days. So proud of this achievement. You can do great things if you put you mind and conviction behind it.

I’m currently taking part in the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee. You can follow my progress on this link: GVRAT Map and searching for bib 9736.

My Running Journey

My Running Journey


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Recently I’ve been running the Ridgeway a lot. It’s got me thinking about my 2019 RTTS experience. And for the next week it is the Virtual Race to the Stones too 😁

Read my 2019 race review here.

Recent long runs

Running the South West Coastal Path from St Ives – August 2020

14 June 2020 26 mile run along the Thames Path and Ridgeway to Watlington Hill to complete the virtual Hampshire Hoppit #virtualhoppit2020

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Recent trail running along the Ridgeway

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