The reasons that we run – pickupthepacepaul

Pickupthepacepaul is a great blog, I encourage you to follow it. This is a great little piece about the reasons that drive us to putting our running shoes on and getting out there 👍

Race to the Stones, 2019 – Review

My thighs are aching… My ankles have been painful for hours … I don’t know how my knees are still quiet and not complaining like a 5 year old that can’t have an ice cream every time the ice cream van jingle can be heard outside… Then the next thing I see is ’95Km ‘MoreContinue reading “Race to the Stones, 2019 – Review”

Runner recovery – another view on recovery strategies for runners

As I complete my first post ultramarathon recovery run I again think recovery strategies. As important as training strategies. I’m an advocate of active recovery and getting backlog to running in a small and controlled fashion quickly after an event. The article link below explores the thoughts of a professional runner and their strategies forContinue reading “Runner recovery – another view on recovery strategies for runners”

2 Years can take you a long way!

On the eve of my first Ultra marathon – The Dixons Carphone Race to the Stones 2019, I realised I’ve just gone past my second anniversary of having taken up running. I knew it was about June/July 2017 but I checked back on MapMyRun which I used when I started and realised that my firstContinue reading “2 Years can take you a long way!”

25 Recovery Tips from the Best Ultramarathoners in the World – Runners Connect

Following my recent theme of advice posts, this is a good general view on post Ultra recovery. It’s a US article but obviously relevant wherever. Obviously everyone is unique so these are some good ideas, concepts of even just expectations for how long it might take. Some will suit and some won’t but it’s aContinue reading “25 Recovery Tips from the Best Ultramarathoners in the World – Runners Connect”

The things nobody tells you before you run an ultra!

If you’ve never run one bit are thinking about it the. Here are some of the million and one things you can find online about ultra running!!

One (Yes One!!!) week to The Stones

Well the nerves have little time to do much damage, but writing this the only song going through my head right now is… I got home from work today (Friday 5th July) and found my race number had arrived! Well this sh*t just got real! I can’t fool myself into thinking the idea I hadContinue reading “One (Yes One!!!) week to The Stones”

Running documentaries to inspire, enthral and amaze

The link from below lists a great selection of running documentaries that you are sure to find will inspire you, help you rekindle your mojo, amaze you or make you go ‘wow’. I’ve watched some and can recommend taking the time to try a few of these via YouTube!