Naked Runner ND:R sunglasses review

So, being a glasses wearer with a pretty chunky prescription I have struggled finding sunglasses that work for me or glasses that work in the rain. I’ve seen plenty of people give reviews on sunglasses with prescription inserts – never very positively and I have tried but simply can’t get on with contacts. Yes laser might work, but I’m not yet there on that idea. So I keep on the lookout for sunglasses.

So I came across this website:

A few ranges of glasses and a massive set of finish combinations. Single colour or mixed colour frames and a willingness to combine sides and frames how you want.

I opted for red frame and white fronts.

Lenses are varied with different tints, material, polarised or not, mirror or not … the choice is huge.

I wasn’t sure on the finish so chatted to the ND:R team via Facebook messenger where they shared some pictures of various combinations etc. This was fab and enabled me to settle on a combination.

I chose mirrored, polarised lenses with a gold tint.

I submitted my prescription paid my money and sat back to wait.

Communication was great, I had a sub 14 day eta for the glasses and they arrived in about 10 calendar days. So that was great. I had messages and emails keeping me in the loop too so always knew what was going on.

I’ve now tried them for running and cycling and so far so good👍.

They are very comfortable, sit on the nose nicely and are held in place firmly though they don’t feel like they are squashing your head trying to hold on. Even running at a reasonable pace they sat firm and comfortable. No bounce or movement. No adjustment needed during a 40 minute fast run.

The lenses were made well, vision great and prescription well made. They cut the glare brilliantly but don’t make things too dark. Just what I wanted.

In cycling my issue is field of view normally and these work great. Again fit and sit well on the face/nose. The frames never get in the way of your view and again the vision was perfect.

In general the lightness of the glasses is amazing, so light they are almost unnoticed when being worn.

I love the semi-hard case as well that is supplied along with the cleaning cloth pouch, oh and the free buff 😁 nice touch.

So overall I am very pleased with these. They are a brilliantly made pair of glasses, deliver the performance and comfort that you want as a runner and the service from ND:R was top!

This is an unbiased view and I am in no way associated or affiliated with ND:R. The opinions are my own following the purchase and use of a pair of ND:R sunglasses.

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