My running fuel:

Before Runs:

I leave at least 2 hours clear before a run without consuming a significant amount of food.  i’ll then try to have an energy bar or similar about 20 minutes before a big run.  i’ll drink water (sometimes with hydration tablets in) but not too much.  there’s nothing worse than feeling that sloshing feeling when you run!!

Energy bars:

I absolutely love the ChiaCharge bars.  these are great fuel, give you a boost and are good to digest.  Great Pre-, during and post-race.  unlike other energy bars they also task fantastic!!

Energy Drink:

Well currently i tend to use Luzcozade sport if anything, but normally i dont do anything more than take an SIS drink with me.

Fluids during running:

When i run more than 45 minutes, or in hot weather i take water.  I tend to us the Science in Sport range of GO Hydro drinks.

Energy Gels:

Again, currently i use the Science in Sport Hydro Gels.  i find these easy to take and never had any issues with them upsetting my digestion – though this can be a problem so i hear!

After Runs:

Well i just consume a lot of water, sometimes with hydration tablets in as well, and eat sensibly.  i add some extra protein in the mix where i can.  i do use powdered protein sometimes, but once a week maybe !?!


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