Half Marathon week 2

This weeks training plan was:

In summary:

Monday – Recovery – approximately 45 minutes at low effort. (Heart Rate Zone 1)

Tuesday – Fast finish – which means you progressively increase pace from each to moderate pace during the session. This session ended with a period at Heart Rate Zone 3 – medium effort – for 12 minutes.

Wednesday – Easy effort

Thursday – Easy to moderate effort

Friday – Hills. – 8 reps of 1min uphill at pace, 2 minutes low effort cool down.

I compared this to last week and got some good comparisons. This looks encouraging, a real difference from last week. This is just likely to be me finding my level at this, but if around 4min/Km is my mark on hill repeats, then I’m happy with that, and hopefully it builds some endurance and strength, as well as just improving the ability to run hills.

Saturday – Easy effort, treadmill as usual

Sunday – Long run

Next weeks training has some adaptations due to Family holiday plans starting on Saturday but the plan will end up something like this, I hope :). There are two long runs – partly as im not sure the Sunday long run will happen, but if it does then bonus. I’ll only put about 3 runs in between Saturday 10th and 17th so they will all be longer runs and hilly. A good workout week!

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