Half Marathon Training – Week 4

So this week was family holiday time, and running took a bit of a back seat. The training plan was just o see how it goes, but the main advantage I had was that the routes I had obviously available to me were the South West Coastal Path around North Cornwall. This was going to provide me with some excellent hill training, but a bit of an unknown quantity.

I had planned a long run fo around 30miles which I hoped to do and then anything on top of that was going to be a bonus.

The running:

Sunday (last week) was a run to the North of Crackington Haven and then back into the woodland called East Wood. Just over 7Km with a good elevation for such a short run of 344m !

Monday was long run attempt, but ultimately, as you cans ee from the above, this fell sort. The weather at times was awful, torrential rain and strong winds. This made the coastal path a real slip hazard – a lot of it is slate underfoot!. So because the run was taking longer than hoped I called it short, so as to not eat up the whole day away from the family – it was holiday after all! feral!

Wednesday was then another trip out in the rain, really wet and I took to the woodland trails this. time, some great trails, only 1.5ish miles into the woods, but. I ran an out and back and then repeated it. Still a good deal of undulation, and to be honest, my legs were moaning over the 1041m of elevation from Monday! Took my time, tried to run it out of my legs, it sort of worked.

That was it for the week, though as is customary when on a family holiday, a lot of time was spent walking the sights of Cornwall, between rain showers!!

There was a great walk to a beautiful waterfall near Tintagel, and at the start of the area called the Rocky Valley.

St Nectans Glen

The plan for Week 5 is below. This is the half way point on the half marathon training plan. Things are going well I feel, but lets see how a full week of training after a quiet break in Cornwall goes!!

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