Half Marathon Training – Week 5

Last week training plan consisted of:

If you watch the video you’ll hear me talk about how the week went. Having been unwell I skipped a Tuesday session, moving it to Wednesday (hence why the plan above appears to have back to back tempo sessions!

I also felt this week was a real struggle with motivation. I’m usually pretty good at getting up and out the door early. Whether it was the post holiday blues or. maybe a lingering illness I simply found it harder to get out, putting many sessions at risk of being cut short to ensure I was ready for work on time.

Monday: Recover, Heart Rate Zone 1. Nice simple easy and gentle.

Tuesday: Rest day felt rough so didn’t go out. Probably the right decision!

Wednesday: Tempo run. Pushed Zone 4 for the main part of the run. Enjoyable, felt good.

Thursday: Foundation – Easy/Fairly easy (Zones 1 and 2). Good run between effort runs on Wednesday and Friday

Friday: Long intervals. Really enjoyed this, got some good sub 4min/km long intervals in. Even pushed my second fastest 5Km into the bargain.

Saturday: Split session, 20min easy treadmill in the morning, then 20 min on the treadmill in the evening with 12% incline. Trying to include more hills into training and the treadmill offers this too – good hard effort between jobs at home and looking after the little ones!

Sunday: Long run with 10 x intervals of 0.25mile and 0.75mile recovery. Felt good and strong. Averaged of 5:13min/Km over 22.6Km not bad for a training session with a bit of elevation too (OK not much but its some!)

Overall felt OK with he obvious exception of the Tuesday. Pace is looking good when put to the test, just need to make sure I get the longevity. I feel that the training is going well and that it’s putting me in a good position for the trio of half’s in a few weeks.

Next week looks like this:

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