Half Marathon Training – Week 3

This weeks training was planned as this:

However, with the family holiday starting on Saturday things were open to a bit of adjustment, as it was we got a pretty good week.

Monday and Wednesday both gentle 40/45 minute Heart Rate Zone 1 runs. easy and simple paced.

Tuesday a tempo run with 25 minutes in Zone 3. Pretty pleased with the outcome with a good tempo pace:

Thursday was a another repeat of the weekly hills session. That’s three weeks now with good progress across each week as is shown on this:

Friday, given that the holiday kicks off on Saturday was a longer than usual run. my routine 10 mile route. Absolutely chucked it down, but thats good test running for the rain. Need to get used to is as you can never be sure a planned race will be dry! Rain running is easy but it helps to be comfortable and used to it!

Saturday was a rest day – if driving 300 miles can be!!!!

Sunday – managed to get out for a recce in Cornwall. Not far but some big hills and some amazing environment to run in:

Next week, well I’m leaving it to flow as it goes. Holiday comes first. But I have a 50Km coastal path run planned and this is looking promising to achieve. I might try to do a couple more short woodland runs too as these are so nice and the woodland here is so close by. Then a Sunday run post holiday if I can! Lets see how we go!

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