It’s all about the Trails

I am a runner happy on roads and trails. most of my training runs are road based – convenience with fitting around the other demands of life, whilst I walks try and get those longs runs off out onto the trails that I can reach from home.

Many of my races have been road too, but a good few, and my longest have been trails.

Anyway, a runs is a run – right? Well yes and no. Running involves the same basic biomechanics of feet in front of feet repeatedly … However trail running demands a few technique differences that are not immediately obvious to those that just run roads. The other thing is that not all trails are the same and some are very different from others, whereas roads do tend to have a certain amount of consistency.

This article below is a good one about how you can look at training techniques that help improve your general running strength and form, but has a leaning towards trail running in particular.

Worth a look …

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