Ultramarathon Training: A Guide to Everything – iRunFar.com

Having just done an ultra and having kind of made up my training plan I thought I would look at what advice is out there for training to achieve the ultra distance. This article is a nice one. Seems an honest article covering a broad range of topics but also in an unbiased fashion. ThereContinue reading “Ultramarathon Training: A Guide to Everything – iRunFar.com”

Runner recovery – another view on recovery strategies for runners

As I complete my first post ultramarathon recovery run I again think recovery strategies. As important as training strategies. I’m an advocate of active recovery and getting backlog to running in a small and controlled fashion quickly after an event. The article link below explores the thoughts of a professional runner and their strategies forContinue reading “Runner recovery – another view on recovery strategies for runners”

25 Recovery Tips from the Best Ultramarathoners in the World – Runners Connect

Following my recent theme of advice posts, this is a good general view on post Ultra recovery. It’s a US article but obviously relevant wherever. Obviously everyone is unique so these are some good ideas, concepts of even just expectations for how long it might take. Some will suit and some won’t but it’s aContinue reading “25 Recovery Tips from the Best Ultramarathoners in the World – Runners Connect”

The things nobody tells you before you run an ultra!

If you’ve never run one bit are thinking about it the. Here are some of the million and one things you can find online about ultra running!! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/body/10-things-no-one-tells-run-ultra-marathon/

Running documentaries to inspire, enthral and amaze

The link from Runnersworld.com below lists a great selection of running documentaries that you are sure to find will inspire you, help you rekindle your mojo, amaze you or make you go ‘wow’. I’ve watched some and can recommend taking the time to try a few of these via YouTube! http://www.runnersworld.com/runners-stories/a20856267/the-best-running-documentaries

2 Weeks to The Stones

Less than 2 weeks left, no backing out now! That said currently I’m still looking forward to the day and nerves haven’t really kicked in, not fully! As I put this together the mood is optimistic, and I’m confident of getting through the challenge, OK I’m really quite pumped up about it and can’t waitContinue reading “2 Weeks to The Stones”