Maverick Original Oxfordshire 2019

This video sums up the event quite nicely:

The race was one I took part in last year (2018) and it was hard, hilly, some pretty tough terrain, but some beautiful scenery in the grounds of Stonor Park and the Chiltern Hills.

This year the route was totally changed and took us on a magical mystery tour. The one thing that was not changed was the weather. I’ve rarely run in a waterproof jacket. Last years Maverick race was the first event I started wearing it. This years event was the second!! Both times it didn’t stay on as the weather ultimately turned out nicer than it had been threatening too.

So what to expect. Well, there are again hills:

There are great trails (see the video and below):

Pre-race there is a great spirit in the starting camp. Great food and drink for you and your supporters and some great gear to try out and buy – Inov8 have been the supporters up to the year and the chance to try out the Inov8 shoe range – including on the event itself – is great. Found out I’m a big fan of the Roclite range !!

The information given at the start is clear, friendly and simple. Pretty much knew what to expect before we started. Of course the biggest news was had Kipchoge done it ,,,

From the off there were hills, and mud. Both in bucket loads. There are also road crossings, but these are excellently marshalled and although not closed, they do a great job at controlling traffic. I for one felt very safe on the event.

The route is clear, but what is also nice is that there are three distances run on the day. You all start together and then there are route divides on the way around. In this case I think it was 2. They were pretty clearly sign posted, and marshalled so easy to follow.

Refreshments on the routes are perfectly sufficient, not every 5 yards but sufficiently spaced and stocked. I personally opted to run with a 500mL soft flask and so didn’t need to use the refreshment stations, but they were well used by others.

Some of the hills a repretty tough and on at least 1 if not 2 occasions it was near hands and feet climbing – at least it felt like it! But that’s what separates the Maverick events out form the others. They are a challenge, they are not an easy woodland stroll, but they are great and people keep going back (as I do and will!).

Having survived the 21 Km the finish line was a welcome sight, especially having had to recently hit one of those seriously steep climbs. The finish is at the same position as the start so the same facilities are available. Add to that the medal, bottle of beer, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and an energy bar, I had just about all I could ask for.

Overall the Maverick events I have done are just brilliant. I don’t expect HM personal bests and I don’t expect a pristine clean kit afterwards – maybe a white pair of socks this year was a mistake !! but I just loved this.

Im already in for the 2020 New Forest Event in January, and hope to get to at least one other next year too. Not to mention the oversees events/camps.

Check out their website for more information if interested…

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