Fuelling for marathon success

If you have no idea what to do in the final days before a marathon when it comes to eating – what, when and how much – then this article might have some useful guidance. http://www.runnersworld.com/nutrition-weight-loss/a20785351/what-to-eat-the-week-of-a-marathon

Bournemouth Marathon Festival 2019

See the gallery here 7 Days ago I ran Windsor Half Marathon in a time only 19 seconds shy of my PB (which was Windsor HM last year!). So why on earth am I running another half marathon so soon? Not to mention the knee injury which has meant training has been less than perfect!Continue reading “Bournemouth Marathon Festival 2019”

Windsor Half Marathon, 2019

link to photo gallery here The Preparation Having taken part in the 2018 race. and loved it, I was quick to sign up to the 2019 race. 2018 gave me my HM PB and though its a hilly course I immediately thought, great, lets keep doing that as its clearly my PB course. Now, ifContinue reading “Windsor Half Marathon, 2019”

Marathon recovery

There’s not one rule to fit everyone’s recovery requirements but sometimes a little helping hand in understanding how to look at recovery periods can be useful … http://www.runnersworld.com/runners-stories/a20832684/when-to-return-to-running-after-a-marathon

Half Marathon Nutrition

It’s only 13.1 miles, don’t worry about nutrition planning. That’s easy for a seasoned marathoner to say but for many the half marathon distance is a real challenge and one that suitable nutrition planning can really be important. There’s as many answers to the question of what’s best as there is grains of sand onContinue reading “Half Marathon Nutrition”