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Race To The Stones 2019 POST 2

22 September 2018

So it’s been just over 2 weeks since my senses to leave and left. Allowing me to sign up to the 100Km Ultra Marathon Race To The Stones – non-stop (not even the 2 day option!)

I guess in that time I’ve thought a lot about this. I’ve told almost everyone I know as well – something I do to then keep the encouragement on myself to do these things I do! ‘Don’t want to let all the people down that know!’

There’s a lot of things to go through and work on:

  • Training plan
  • Nutrition plan
  • Kit
  • Mental toughness
  • Route plan and familiarisation

All of these pose a challenge but I’m working on a few now. In reality there’s a lot of time until race day and I will put a training plan together once I’m through my autumn runs (2 half marathons and a 10K). My focus now is on kit and nutrition.


So what do I need? Well good question but I don’t know 🤔. I have sought some advice and so far I have obtained:

  • Backpack and hydration: Inov8 All Terrain Pro 0-15 backpack. The one with a detachable 15L bag on the back of a vest. It can hold 3L if water in a reservoir and front bottles. Loads of pockets. I got this off Facebook second hand at £60 normal price £90 at least. Looks good. Will try it out over winter/spring to see how it goes and how comfortable it is. I’ll let you know!
  • First aid kit – done!
  • Shoes – planning currently to use my Cascadia 12 but I’m wary only the fact that the ridgeway at this time of year is not usually knee deep mud and the Cascadia is a bit of a damp trail shoe. So I might do some looking into others, suitable for more dry trails. Update to come!
  • Socks – loving my Hilly compression ones. Will get 1 or 2 more and ‘run them in’ before the race
  • Sun protection – will keep to Trailheads caps – have 2 and will rotate – I always wear caps to run in. I’ll also use P20 suncream. Trialled this during the summer in Portugal and it was a winner!!
  • Shirt and shorts – well I need to think if I go for anything special. Shorts – probably whatever I have at the time (Nike or Under Armour normally). Shirt well I’ll probably get a couple of decent ones Salomon or Inov8 although I fancy the Tribe brand too. Anyway, too early to decide now.
  • Fuel – got to think about this. Normally a SIS hydro drinker and Chia Charge eater. Will stick with chia Charge and add other stuff which I’ll need to try around with in the coming months. Fluids I’m going to give Tailwind a go – have ordered a sample pack – will try it out for taste, refuelling value and how it works with my body. Will report back on that!
  • Rain coat – have sought some advice here and will be looking for a light she’ll jacket that packs small. Has taped seams and at least 10k if not 20k on the waterproof level thingy. Got a good lead on a Decathlon jacket at reasonable price so will look into that.
  • Have I missed anything ???????


So as mentioned already I’m going to trial Tailwind and will see how that goes. I also get on OK with SIS tablets so they may feature. Need to look into the caffeine shots and the like. Have tried SIS gels and really not sure they do anything!!

Food is Chia Charge right now and I love it. Hope to be able to keep that in the race fuel but will try other things.

Need to think of pre race nutrition plan to get me to the right place. Will research and put it on a future blog.

Right. For now that’s it.

Between now and the Stones I have the following races:

  • Windsor half marathon
  • Maverick Stonor half marathon
  • Reading river mead 10Km
  • London Big Half
  • Brighton Marathon
  • Henley 10Km trail run
  • Hampshire Hoppit Marathon

Days until race day : 293

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