Finding my first 100 miler

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If I think back to 2017 the year started with nothing of note when I think activity/fitness or health. New year came and passed, 40th birthday drifted by with minimal note and that was that. March saw my youngest born – the cheekiest most wonderful little cheeky chap you could imagine. And then the summer approached. 

I’ve mentioned more in my running story. But if I look back now I don’t think I could ever have thought back then that I was ever going to reach the day when I say ‘I think it’s time to sign up to a 100 mile race’!!  Seems so unlikely reflecting back. But roll on the somewhat peculiar year of 2020 and that’s where I find myself. 

In Summer 2020 the thoughts that I had reached that milestone started to occur.  I did some looking around, asked for some ideas online and decided to settle on the Robin Hood 100. I also did some research for books and found a book I thought would help. 

So before I signed up I got ‘How to run your first Ultra’ by Krissy Moehl.

Reading the training programs in that book was inspiring. Reading the hints, tips and advice cemented in my mind that this was the right choice. So October rolls along and I eventually decide that this is the time. I’m ready for this.  I can do a 100 miler. So I sign up, pay my money and the confirmation email comes through. 

I can do this. 

Can’t I?


What Have I Done?

I like running long distances. Having done the 62 mile Race To The Stones in 13 hours in 2019  I can surely extend to 100 miles. I’m not really sure that makes sense, or that this is enough reason to sign up. But I kind of think that with the right training that basis is enough to build from. 

The Krissy Moehl book provides training programs and for me that is a god send. I need structure to train and I need advice as to what sort of running to do, what to build up, when to rest and recover, the right sort of balance between miles/workouts/full efforts etc.

I’m going to follow the 48 week plan. 

I’m going to build my blog on this page with monthly training and prep updates. I’m not sure I know what I’m doing. And I’m not sure I can be any useful source of inspiration or advice myself. But maybe there are others who  have similar dreams or thoughts and this might just be a blog that rings true. 

Wish me well. I may be some time. 

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