Half Marathon Training – Week 6

Well training is reaching the final few weeks and so its the last couple of weeks before taper starts. The past week has been a good mix of medium paced intervals, hill sessions and a long trail run, amongst easy recoveries.

Last weeks activities were:

Monday: Recovery run, easy pace morning run. Recovery from weekend long run and get the legs moving for the week

Tuesday: Cruise intervals – Heart Rate Zone 3 intervals. Felt good and nearly. 10Km in 48 minutes – not PB pace but a good pace for a training run

Wednesday: Evening foundation run – little faster than the Recovery – allowing the Hear Rate to push into Zone 2, but still a low effort run, keeping the legs moving.

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Hills !!! The return of the hills. 9 reps of 1 minute uphill at pace. Really. enjoy this effort session and really managed. some satisfying speeds, keeping up with the progress made in the previous 3 hills sessions

Saturday: Short session today as. the youngest ones decided a super early wake up call was in order. Saturday morning I’m on the Daddy. day care. roll so morning runs are always at. risk. So it proved today. I managed a short 5Km int he evening, which was a good pressure release after a stressful day of over excited kids!! Sometimes you just need an outlet!

Sunday: Long run on The Ridgeway. First time out. on the Ridgeway since Race To. The Stones, Did an out and back route solely on the Ridgeway National Trail route, from a car park near Chilton (by the A34). It. was great. a very early start 6am on the trail! and a fresh cool autumnal feel already there on the 1st September. Got 14 miles on the legs, the trails were as expected, some elevation and some pretty rough terrain underfoot. But. such an enjoyable place to run.

So overall the week was good. I had a more motivated week following last week. That lethargy I suffered last week and mentioned in my update was not there. I was happy getting out, more eager to put the running shoes on and more motivated to train. I guess the post-holiday blues may have been the culprit, but then there are times when its just a bigger struggle some days more than others. So I’m going to put it down to experience. It’ll happen again and I’ll struggle again at times to feel the passion. This week’s it back, so I’ll embrace it.

Next week:

This is. a lower mileage week (Week 7) followed by a normal mileage week (8) then 2 tapering weeks (9 and 10), ending with the Windsor half marathon.

I’m confident of completing but. know a PB in the HM will be challenging. It’s my PB course but. I’m keen to see if I can push it that little bit. Conditions will be part of it, as well as training. I’m in for the challenge – lets see how the next few weeks go!

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