Summer Running Tips

The weather is due to warmup in much of the UK next week. As the summer holiday season is here and who knows we might get a good run of warm weather. Here is a good article on advice for running in the heat. Article from run and From clothing to route-planning, Sarah ScottContinue reading “Summer Running Tips”

The reasons that we run – pickupthepacepaul

Pickupthepacepaul is a great blog, I encourage you to follow it. This is a great little piece about the reasons that drive us to putting our running shoes on and getting out there 👍

Runner recovery – another view on recovery strategies for runners

As I complete my first post ultramarathon recovery run I again think recovery strategies. As important as training strategies. I’m an advocate of active recovery and getting backlog to running in a small and controlled fashion quickly after an event. The article link below explores the thoughts of a professional runner and their strategies forContinue reading “Runner recovery – another view on recovery strategies for runners”

The things nobody tells you before you run an ultra!

If you’ve never run one bit are thinking about it the. Here are some of the million and one things you can find online about ultra running!!

Ultra-running with the brain.

I like this article I read about training for an ultra. Not surprisingly training is physical. As well as that there is the training to handle pain which is inevitable at some point at an ultra endurance race like 100miles. The third aspect covered in most detail is mental management. Not surprisingly over such longContinue reading “Ultra-running with the brain.”

How Much Protein Do You Need to Stay Healthy as a Runner? – Runners Connect

I came across this article after thinking about protein intake and fatigue. It’s a bit of an assumption that working out needs protein supplements but that may be too broad a brush to cover this topic. Certainly for some it’s the right thing. This article gives some good detail and is an easy read soContinue reading “How Much Protein Do You Need to Stay Healthy as a Runner? – Runners Connect”

‘Sir Chris Hoy has little to worry about!’

I don’t have time to do much beyond work, family and running. If I tried any more fitness or training work I would need to carry a picture of my family with me to try and remember them. That said my training doesn’t impact family time no more than an hour or so on aContinue reading “‘Sir Chris Hoy has little to worry about!’”