SouthWest Coastal Path – 5th June 2018

Porthcurno to Pendower Coves

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I took this run on the 5th June 2018 whilst on holiday in Cornwall.  We were staying in Porthcurno, about 5 minutes from the Minack Theatre, where the South West Coastal path can be directly accessed.

I was there with Family, but having been into running for about a year, I was keen to try more trail running having started the Ridgeway path recently.

This first run was 11.71 Km and took 1Hr 20.

Total Elevation gain was 476m and there were a lot of hills.

The photos slides above were taken on the run.  Below is the Strava profile and map.

In brief this is a great mixed route. It starts at the Minack theatre car park. The Minack is itself a fabulous must visit place so we took some time out whilst there to go around. There’s nothing I’ve seen quite like this cliff side theatre.

from there it’s initially very overgrown, lots of nettles and very narrow but soon you are out of this and heading towards PorthChapel which has a lovely sandy beach. Along the route you can also see what is called St Levans Holy Well. Modest stone feature with a sign but easily missed. I don’t actually notice it until my third ru. Which I’ll write up later!

From here continue through some pretty easy If undulating trail (very light trail of in good weather) to Porthgwarra. Here there is a cafe on the path which if open, is lovely. Great place to pause. There’s a very small beach but a couple of pretty cottages. You can also rent some right in the cove!

On the west side of Porthgwarra is an RSPB reserve and it was packed full of Chough’s. I’ve seen them before but never so many!!

Moving westwards you eventually reach the Coastguard hut. Just before you get there the path has a few options and if you steer closest to the cliff edge (it’s really quite safe) you can see a great hole in the ground where the roof of a sea cave has collapsed. Have to admit I didn’t hang around but it felt pretty sound to me!!

From there I ran pretty much to Nanjizal beach before turning and heading back.

This was my first South West Coastal Path run and I was already smitten. It was hard work with every bay being steep down and back up. It was a mixed surface route with some pretty rocky points and grassland, gravel and compacted mud. But the scenery is without doubt some of the most amazing you could ever wish to have alongside any run.

Take the opportunity to try it if you can!! Though I recommend long socks if going through Porthcurno as the stinging nettles were brutal!!

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