Ridgeway Running – Didcot to Ashbury

With a websiat called Ridgeway Runner at stoke point blogging about running along the Ridgeway National Trail was inevitable. On 12 August ‘18 I ran from Didcot to Ashbury. 30Km distance with 22 Km along the ridgeway. Weather: well given the heatwave this year it was a pretty disappointing 16C (ish), windy (mostly cross winds)Continue reading “Ridgeway Running – Didcot to Ashbury”

The Journey Onward – Keeping the feet moving.

Thanks for coming back again!  If you’ve read any of my other blogs I can call you a regular and coming back for more is a great gesture on your part to what I am doing. I’ve thought a bit about what keeping going and coming back for me is like for somebody like myself. Continue reading “The Journey Onward – Keeping the feet moving.”