Nike React Infinity Run

Another shoe in the armoury is the Nike React Infinity Run. A super cushioned shoe for those easy runs.

With the first 120 miles now logged, what are my thoughts?

So first thing first, they are the flyknit upper from Nike. not the usual tongue and upper.

Firstly I thought this wouldn’t work for me. I like a shoe to have a tongue.

Having thrashed a few miles in them though I would say that I really have gotten to like them.

The tongue is really comfy. The upper hugs the foot but doesn’t create friction and the dreaded blisters. There is also good ventilation, so feet don’t overheat.

The sole has a decent amount of rubber but only very minor tread patterning. This means they are terrible in muddy or wet grass conditions. But they are firm and stable on road, gravel etc. I found the issue on mud through experience – not a fun way to finish a 10 mile run!!

The big selling point of these shoes is the React foam in the sole of the shoe. It’s the shoe with the most foam, and therefore the most cushioning. And I would say you really notice it. I normally run Nike Pegasus and they are great shoes, but these feel like slippers in comparison. For some they might feel too soft and spongy. For me, they are great for those slow, easy recovery runs. After long runs when the legs might ache a little, these shoes do a great job of minimising the impact on those recovery runs.

Width – Well the shoe is wide, not in the fit, but its got a wide sole. For me this doesn’t cause a problem but for others there’s the risk that feet might clip ankles etc. Depends on technique and running form maybe, but if you struggle with wide shoes these might cause you trouble.

Price – Wow! these aren’t cheap. one of the most expensive shoes in the nike running range that don’t have a carbon plate in them! The shoes are good but at around an RRP of £135 the price point is damned steep. You also tend to find they rarely get given discounted prices. Of course Nike sometimes do offer discounts across all their range, a great time to pick these shoes up – if you can find your size – I was lucky!!!

Style – Mine are pretty understated – it was the only size 10 I could find! But generally the styles are pretty understated and modest. They have a rigid plastic wring around the heel (just on the join with the sole) and this gives a shiny feature around the rear. The rest of the shoe is a good modern style shoe, not too ‘in your face’ and not too retro. My kind of shoe.

Would I recommend – Yes absolutely. For the right run these are perfect. As I said, these are my sloe.recovery running shoe. They sit alongside my other Nike Peg’s which I use on my more up tempo runs, and also my Inov8 shoes I thrash around on the trails in. They are now a key part of my running kit. And I would say they are here to stay!

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