Finding my First 100 Miler – March update

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Another month done Some more miles and a month closer to my first 100 miler. This has been the month when the distances got real. Consistent marathon distances and the view of April over the horizon where 20-30 mile runs become 35-45 mile runs. This is big mile territory and where I’ll really get to know if things are going in the right direction.


So this month apart from the miles I have been thinking about gear and recovery. It dawned on me this month that recovery after long runs is so much quicker and easier now. Casting my mind back to days gone by when a half marathon would render my legs less useful than a chocolate tea-pot for 3 days or so, I realised that my recovery is now so much better. Running 20-30 miles now doesn’t result in any post run days where I have to walk down the stairs sideways, or do my best John Wayne impression. The training has built tolerance in my body so it now manages these activities without trouble – they aren’t easy to run, but I’m not taking ages to get over them. This was something that clearly training has helped with, but getting the nutrition right, the fluids accurate and using post running stretches, movement etc into the package has really benefitted me.


Been thinking about a few things this month. Mainly bags. I have a Salomon Agile 2 – far too small for a 100 miler. I also have a Kalenji 10L. Much more like it, but whilst it’s been with me since my first decision to purchase a running backpack, the one thing that lets it. down is the front pockets and easy access to food and items, without taking the bag off. So I’ve been hunting for a while for something else and this month found the. Salomon Active Skin set. Comes in a 4L and 8L model and has the advantage of some better side and front pockets, a bungee fastening on the back to hold jackets etc, and a quick fasting.adjusting chest strap. I’ve bought these and have started trying them out. First impressions are good, but I’ll do a short review another day !!

The other thing I’ve done is invested in some new Runderwear anti-blister socks – to replace the old ones, and also started to think about the small bits in the kit bag – small tub of vaseline for the … well you know 😉 . Plasters, first aid bits as well. Just trying to get these things sorted now and ready so I have the small items sorted ahead of time.

Other bits

I’ve continued to work on eating whilst running. I’ve followed the advice fro Gary Robbins’ video I go(see my homepage) to eat 250 calories an hour, and that’s working well. Drinking about 500mL isotonic drink or tailwind as well per 10 miles is also working for me. As the miles crank up next month this becomes a lot to carry. So thinking about the routes I run might be a bigger job. Stop off points, or water stations somehow – I don’t know, something to think about. I want to avoid loops as this is not fun, and extending my distances is also an opportunity to stretch my adventures further – we will see what happens in April 😁.

The running:

Week 21

I got my week wrong this week and forgot I had a Monday run. Still I got out there, late but still out.

Excellent speed pyramid session Tuesday, really nice to stretch the legs and work the body at speed for a while. Love these sessions.

The weekend was spent running park loops with my 7 year old and then hitting 28-ish miles out to the Ridgeway. A real favourite hunting ground and excellent training base for my 100 miler.

Week 22

Rubbish weather really testing the resolve. Got the treadmill out and working to make sure I made the plan work. Treadmill intervals are crap – from a Strava perspective as my Treadmill isn’t smart and it never gives a realistic view of the session. But I know I hit some good times on my 5 minute at full pace and 1 minute recoveries.

28 miles on Saturday as Sunday was Mothering Sunday and a long run was not maybe the best way to start the day – if you know what I mean!

Another strong week, miles are building…

Week 23

More 5 minute intervals this week, but the big effort was a solid weekend, starting on Friday with three long runs, 13, 18 and 30 miles. That was brutal, but as I mentioned above, recovery is really working and those miles didn’t feel anywhere near as challenging as they might otherwise have been. The training is meant to challenge but it’s meant to build you up to achieve the goal. That’s what I feel this is really doing now. The efforts are paying off and the training structure is really the scaffolding that is helping to make it all hold together.

Feeling in a good place right now 😁

Week 24

After last weeks biggest week for ages, this week was recovery. These miles normally feel more of a struggle than they should. Many of the miles though this week really flowed and really came easy. More progress !! Challenged with heavy winds though for a lot of the week, so had to battle some of the miles more than I would have liked, but still a comfortable week.

Week 25 will be in Aprils update.

So a strong month, the miles are really building now and I’m feeling positive about my progress. The coming month or two sees those long runs really take a turn and hit 45 miles at times. Really keen to see how I face up tot hat challenge, how my body behaves, the gear, the nutrition and importantly the recovery. These next few weeks will really tell me if I’m in a good position to face the 100 miles or if there’s work to be done.

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