Brighton Marathon Route Info

Route information from the 2019 Brighton Marathon

Start at the park. There are a couple of hilly road sections around the park but generally not long so steepish but OK. Once you hit the seafront past the pavilion you head east. this is a steady gradual hill towards the windmill in the distance.

The turn is great however the downhill doesn’t feel as long or rewarding as the uphill!!

Back through the centre of the seafront, inches from the finish line!!! and our West. Following a detour away from the seafront and back again you head out towards the Power Station. This is a narrower less supported section. Its hard going for less experienced marathon runners as the crowds are huge until this point. After heading back east you rejoin the seafront and the crowds. Past the i360, then the pier and then the finish line is in site.

A really excellent marathon, great support and plenty of water stations.

Highly recommended for all!

Route of 2019 Brighton Marathon
Elevation plot of 2019 Brighton Marathon

Please note that the blog doesn’t allow .gpx files so they are all finished .gpx.xls. just remove the .xls and all is fine!!

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