One of our Mojo’s is missing

I’ve been running for near on two years now and that’s a mere scratch on the surface of some of my fellow runners who can count dozens of years on their running back catalogue. During that short period of time I’ve engaged with various social media groups and have seen a lot of people achieving greatContinue reading “One of our Mojo’s is missing”

Hokae Clifton 5 and ATR Challenger 5 review 2

The story so far… So having found my size 9 runners were now too small for my growing 42 year old feet ?!? I found my way to a brace of new pairs of shoes the Hoka OneOne Clifton 5 for road running and the Hoka OneOne ATR Challenger 5 for my trail and mixedContinue reading “Hokae Clifton 5 and ATR Challenger 5 review 2”