Hampshire Hoppit Marathon Route Info

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Route information from the 2019 Hampshire Hoppit Trail Marathon

Starting at Kingsclere stables and then travelling around the hills of North Hampshire, tis is simply a wonderful marathon. It’s hilly though. Don’t be fooled into thinking anything else. The hills keep coming and many are pretty challenging. That said, the race is amazing, the feeling of elation at the end is undeniable.

There is some road running, but not much, the roads are open but the marshals can hold traffic and do that very well, though be aware you may have the odd car on narrow country lanes. That said it was very well marshalled and I never felt unsafe or at risk.

Some of the route is also in uneven terrain and some of the paths are rarely used, meaning there’s a little long grass etc, but this again just makes for it to be a great event.

A really excellent marathon, great support and plenty of water stations.

Highly recommended for all!

Hampshire Hoppit Trail Marathon 2019
Elevation plot, Hampshire Hoppit Trail Marathon 2019

Please note that the blog doesn’t allow .gpx files so they are all finished .gpx.xls. just remove the .xls and all is fine!!

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