Really! It’s wet and it’s cold and it’s windy and and and …

Oh blimey. I think of myself as a motivated person but at 5:15 when my alarm starts it’s infernal beeping I really question it. What am I actually trying to prove to anyone, including myself! I’ve proven I know how to walk fast or run – whatever you wish to call it. I’ve proven I’m able to be quite speedy or run a long way. Is there anything else I need to actually do? Like really do?

Winter is always a time when the motivation is tested to its greatest. Dark mornings, dark evenings, cold, windy, wet, snow. Every form of weather to dissuade you. That along with an inviting warm home, and a cosy warm bed – why would you ever step outside.

Sometimes you just need to think about it and remind yourself why.

Running keeps me fit and well. It keeps my mind clear and fresh, resetting things from the stresses and challenges of life – and god knows right now we all have more than our fair share!! It challenges me every time and there’s always a positive feeling afterwards – even if the run didn’t meet with my hopes, expectations and plans. Ultimately running makes things better in many ways, and it makes me a better person. Physically and mentally.

And there can still be goals and targets to achieve and to succeed at. Sometimes they are small, sometimes large but every hurdle you set gives a feeling of achievement when you go past it and turn around to see it still standing. Yes!!

So when I cannot find the way out of the house to start a run early on a winters morning, sometimes I just need to remember these things.

Motivation is all in the mind, but I get over it on the roads and trails.

Keep motivated.

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