South West Coastal Path – 7th June



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This was run 2 whilst in Cornwall for holiday.  On this run I headed east from our base in Porthcurno.

Distance 10.6 Km

Time 1hour 13minutes

Ascent 411m

The run started near the Minack theatre and ventured down to the beach car park where the cables forming the first overseas telephone communications lines come up from the beach and are exposed.  There is a telegraph museum slightly further back up from the beach, but I was in run mode and besides is suspect at 7am the museum was closed!

The initial part of the trail heading out of Purthcurno is pretty steep and overgrown, a lot of ducking and keeping your arms in here.  Pleasant enough with a couple of little streams as well which is nice, but in June there was a lot of vegetation.  Long socks advised or trousers as stinging nettles are very happily growing along there.  I know to my cost!!! Ouch!

At the top of the first climb there is a detour you can make to a cliff top feature which from a distance looks like a white Yurt or tent on the cliff.


It turns out that it is actually the point where the original telegraph cable was initially terminated, the white ‘pyramid’ was built to preserve the sites historical relevance.  This wiki page is useful for information.

Going from there the path gets less overgrown – eventually and there are some nice wild horses around which is always good to see, though how friendly they are who knows.  I wasn’t going to wait to find out!


From there you can carry on the trail past the Logan Rock outcrop


which is a cool rocky site and on to Penberth cove which is a pretty little fishing cove.

Beautiful!  it has an old capston wheel that used to be sued to haul boats up the slope from the sea.  I loved this place so picturesque and so quiet.

After this point on the run out it all got a bit wrong.  basically there is a right turn you need to make off a vehicle path to continue the coastal path nearest the sea.  I missed this and the Strava trail clearly shows the significant inland diversion I took.  still nice but not quite what I planned when i stepped out the holiday appartment!

I ended up running along the B3315 for a while before heading back.  on the way back I found  Treverven camp site which advertised a direct link to the Coastal path! Excellent I thought, so I ran through the campsite, and hoped to find the path.

As luck would have it I did find the path and again the Strava trail shows i found my return much closer to the cliff and the sea than the outward journey.  This was also a bit overgrown in places, but the views were spectacular.

On the return leg what you also get, obviously, is the view of your starting point that you otherwise miss, and I must admit, Porthcurno itself is a beautiful place and running into the beach area from the cliff tops is such a beautiful site.  the gallery at the top of this blog post contains some pictures form the journey which i thoroughly enjoyed.

I hope to get back to the South West Coastal Path as soon as I can and experience even more of its beauty.



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