Windsor Half Marathon 2018 – preRace

Well less than 2 weeks to go until Windsor Half Marathon. This will be my second half and my first time ever running around Windsor Great Park. So, back story, running since June 2016. Did the London Big Half in March 2018 at around 1hr 40min. I regularly run 30-50 sometimes 70kM a week andContinue reading “Windsor Half Marathon 2018 – preRace”

Running faster -Sweat, Stubbornness and doorsteps

Having now spent some time on social media since I went on this journey of discovering myself as a runner, I have seen a lot of posts from people asking how do they run faster.  I saw one only the other day on Facebook and I put some ideas down in a reply I thoughtContinue reading “Running faster -Sweat, Stubbornness and doorsteps”