2022 Quarter 1 review

I’m struggling to accept that the year is a quarter complete.  I’ve done one race, have a load more on the plan and only 75% of the year left.  Argghh.

So what has 2022 delivered so far?

In measurables, very little.  I’ve completed my first XNRG event – The Pilgrim’s Challenge.  A great 33 mile jaunt along the North Downs Way.  It’s run as a 2 day 66 mile event, but one day was all I felt I could justify without impacting on family time.

I’ve also set a long term target for 2023, but more on that shortly!

I’ve also taken a review of my training and whilst I’m still worshipping at the church of Krissy Moehl and her UltraRunning Training guide (amazon link), I have also looked to add more complimentary training.  

The reason behind this is that whilst I managed to achieve my first 100 mile event finish last year, and have completed a good few Ultra’s with respectable times, I feel as though I can be a stronger runner.  Whether that means I end up faster or simply able to do more distance.  Or whether that means I do the same as before but recovery is quicker, I don’t know.  But I feel there is more there somewhere.

My first addition is Yoga.  Following the content of the Yoga for Runners book I was given at Christmas 2021 (amazon link) I’ve added at least a weekly session, plus adopted a number of the poses and stretches into morning and evening stretching (5-10 minutes most mornings/evenings).

My second addition is twice daily calf raises.  Doesn’t sound much, but I basically do single leg calf raises every time I clean my teeth.  A time I could do very little else, so 4 minutes, every day, really starts to add up!

Most recently as 2022 has progressed, I’ve also realised I need to focus a bit on diet.  I have let that fall by the wayside a bit and relied on my running capacity to mean I needn’t think much about the food I take in. I’ve changed this now and am focussing on quality food, I’m also looking at reducing my meat intake and move towards a more vegetarian diet (though I think the step to full vegan might be a step too far!)

Final point – running nutrition.  I have long loved Veloforte gels and bars, but to ensure I keep variety and don’t get ‘bored’ of the nutrition, I have looked into more options.  My current research is for Mountain Fuel.  Some good looking food so I’ll see what happens there.

Future plans

The rest of 2022 holds a good few races for me.  Race To The Castle has recently been cancelled, and I think I’ll defer to 2023.  In exchange I’ve added the Hampshire Hoppit marathon to my June event list.  A great event which is in a lovely setting, and some of the best swag for finishing I’ve ever had.  Not to mention a free beer glass and free pint of beer!! I ran it in 2019 and did the virtual event in 2020. A really good option for a mid June event.

what’s coming up:


So my 2023 plans have started to form already.  Earlier in March I decided to embrace the largest challenge I have set myself.  Having completed the Robin Hood 100 in 2021 I felt that my adventure in the 100 mile and over zone is just beginning.  And to that point I have entered one of the toughest 100 mile races in the UK.  The 2023 Arc of Attrition.  I absolutely love the South West Coastal Path and it is a real beast of a challenge.  So it seemed natural that I should combine my love of this area, with my desire to push myself and take on more 100 mile races.

I’m not ignoring the fact that this is a big race to complete.  Often seeing 50% or more DNFs it is an attritional race (guess that’s where the name comes from!). So no ignoring that the Robin Hood 100 is going to feel like a training run compared to this.  But I know I have the will to take this on, I have the desire to push myself to find more about my own abilities and limits.  And I know that you can never find your limits unless you keep challenging yourself.

2022 is going to be exciting, but 2023 already looks like it could be the best year ever. I’ll share more of my preparation for the Arc over the rest of 2022.

2 thoughts on “2022 Quarter 1 review

  1. You have a lot of races this year! I’m so at CW50 & WW50, may see you there. I’m also taking on the Arc, but just the 50. I was tempted by the 100 but bottled it! Looks so tough. Good luck with your training.

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    1. Thanks! CW50 would be good, and WW50 was great last year and I wanted more hilly runs to aid the training for the Arc. I nearly bottled it myself but just grabbed it with both hands and decided, ‘if I’m doing this I’m going all in!’ Good luck with your races this year and the Arc50 in January,

      Liked by 2 people

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