Inov8 TerraUltra G270 – The first 100 miles

TerraUltra G270

Firstly, these are one of the first times I’ve bought ‘new’. This was bought on the day of release and I paid the full price. Not my normal way, I’ll normally go for a previous model at a cheaper price. But with these the improvements were really key for me and I felt if I was going to go for the TerraUltra, it would need to be the G270.

So 100 miles (well 96) done and what do I think?

Well they are simply stunning. I cannot say enough about how highly I rate these.

They are designed for long run, properly long ultra length runs.

I’ve worn them (apart from the first 10 mile taster) on 20 miles and up.

I’ll start at the top, and work down.

The laces are good, simple but good. they stay tight, grip when being sone up and help anchor the shoe nicely.

The upper is very flexible and comfortable. The material doesn’t always clean well but it is a very comfortable upper.

The heal and sides of the foot around the ankle get a good deal of support in this shoe and you feel really well supported.

The shoe is wide, the widest width Inov8 do (level 5 out of 5). This was a reservation on my part as I’m an. average width foot person and was worried this would slip around all over the place. In reality there is nothing of this. With a bit of adjustment, the placing and the upper really anchor the foot into the shoe and the width of the toe box is generous and really comfortable. The width is intended to steal with expanding feet over long runs, and I can see this would be a fantastic feature as runs stretch on. The rubbing fear came to nothing and the idea the foot would move about, simply was unfounded. My foot feels at home in these shoes.

The insole is a piece of magic, with cushioning beads fo foam to provide a more comfy run to the predecessor (according to Inov8). the shoe certainly has good comfort over long runs and feet don’t feel tired.

Drop. This shoe is a zero drop shoe. I’ve never run in zero drop shoes and feared the change would give discomfort in the calf and thighs. But nothing. These just feel quick and easy and I don’t find they have had any negative impact given the zero drop. Of course some people are more suited to the zero drop than others, and maybe I’m just one of those that it suits.

Sole and grip. The ‘G’ relates to graphene which is integrated in the sole to give durable grip. In my experience the grip is great. On the South West Coastal Path in Cornwall I found the grip was great on damp rocks, gravel, paths and grass. really giving me a confident run, including running the path in the rain. It also seems pretty durable. 100 miles has certainly given it some wear but not much and hopefully the shoes will be good for a whole many more miles.

Overall I think these could be quite possibly the best Trail shoes you could want. (yes I know I have only tried a few – so make of that as you wish). I will be using them on trail miles of 20 and above and my ultra’s I have in the plan over the coming months (sadly less than I would have hoped but hey 2020 is what it is !

As I said at the start, the idea of paying full price for a shoe is often reason enough to look back at old versions. In this case I couldn’t be convinced to part with these and am very pleased I took the decision to. enter the Inov8 fold.

These sit proudly and happily alongside my Roclite 300’s.

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