Hoka shoe review

So I recently took to trying the Hoka OneOne Clifton and ATR Challenger 5 shoes. Reason being running has caused my feet to go up a size. 18 months in size 9 shoes and now need a 9.5/10!

So Clifton 5. Took a size 10 rather than 9.5. They are a comfy shoe and at the size up have a roomy toebox. Plenty of room for the little pinkies. They are a neutral cushioned shoe which is what I prefer to run in. I found them not quite as cushioned as Brooks Ghost or Glycerin my previous shoes but the level of cushion is good. They are a lower profile and have a more curved sole than the Brooks too.

They’ve been out with me now for a few 7-10km runs and a couple of treadmill sessions and feel great. Running in then seems easy and to be honest times have been very food – though how much influence the shoe has …

I’ll be sticking with these as my shoe of choice!

The challenger ATR also went for a size 10. Again good cushioning and neutral. Decent sole which looks durable but it’s not going to work on really wet trails – lots of mud I expect would cause an issue. But I mostly run gravel, compacted footpath etc so great for that. They are also designed as a hybrid shoe so good for road too – they won’t be worn out quickly or destroyed by road running. That’s great for me as many runs are a mixed surface – especially my long runs.

Both shoes are less cushioned around the heel which I thought I might not like and might be a problem but no worries there. Lower profile of heel to toe drop than the Brooks predecessors but again no problem me encountered.

Durability – well so far so good but hardly tested them to destruction so I guess we will wait and see but I’ve been impressed.

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