Nike Pegasus 36 – The first 100 Miles

The Nike Pegasus has been updated to the 37 – and that means the 36 can be found at some bargain prices. But is it any good?

I’ve given this blue pair a run around for a couple of weeks, clocking up 100+ miles, so thought I would give my feedback.


As with the 35, I find the 36 needs to be a half to full size up from normal day-to-day shoes. The upper is nice, sift woven material and wraps the foot really well. The support around the. ankle, heel and achilles is comfortable and supportive. It gave me a feeling of confidence on the shoe. That it was working with me.

What I did notice was that, compared to the 35, this shoe sits wider across the forefoot. whilst that isn’t a problem per se I did find for me that the upper gathers a little near the lowest lacing point due to this wider fit. It took a couple go goes to get the laces right and to avoid this gathering up. But I got there.

The shoe tongue is minimal. I always expected fat, padded tongues in my shoes, but this one is almost paper thin, but it works.


Above the points in ‘Fit’ the shoe is very comfortable. The feel between sole and road is good, there is some spring and cushioning, but I didn’t feel that there was too much. I felt connected to the road and it didn’t have that Hoka like cushioning which some like.

It’s a road shoe so rocky trails are not it’s bread and butter and not surprisingly it can be a little uncomfortable on slightly stony trails. Gravel is fine, much bigger than that and you’ll feel it!

Traction and Grip

The Nike shoe has a minimal looking grip. but after 100 miles of running roads and light trails, it’s shown next to no wear. Which is quite impressive. Theres a few marks on the foam sections between the rubber, but given that I’ve run light stoney trails in this show that is expected.


I really find this shoe a fast shoe to use. I often feel surprised when I look at the post run data and see the pace and splits. It’s no sub 2 hour marathon shoe, but compared to my other road shoes, this feels easier to run fast in.


Well, considering that I got these shoes for around £55 I am very happy so far. Good look, comfortable, speedy and seemingly long lasting.

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