Nobody told me my feet might get bigger!!!

Well here’s a new one on me.

Having started running nearly 2 years ago I;ve been wearing size 9 running shoes.  Brooks, Asics and even are early foray with New Balance, but always 9, normal width.  So about a month ago (maybe a bit more) I started getting blisters on the side of my big toe.  classical narrow shoe blisters.

Erm, excuse me but no, not allowed, that isn’t going to help my running!!

I pulled another pair of shoes out and the same, tighter and feeling like the shoes had shrunk.  Our of the 4 ‘current’ shoes, only 1 – a trust Brooks Glycerin 15 with over 1000Km on the clock felt OK.

I googled a bit and ended up in Runners Need in Kensington, London.  Following a measure and a sizing my feet are now larger than a 9!!  I thought age just made everything get smaller!!  Anyway turns out that based on an increase in running volume and frequency, as well as more very long (20+ mile) runs my feet are that bit bigger!  Go figure.


So a fun 30 minutes later and I leave Runners Need the proud owner of size 10 Hoka OneOne Clifton 5’s, and also the owner of 4 part used pairs of size 9 shoes!  Oh well, guess I’ll be doing some eBay/facebook selling at the weekend!

Happy running all!j0R%Z2PNTQu7PmJgsBjw8w

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