This is not a training plan!

So the bit before the Brighton Marathon training plan started today.

Brighton training starts on the 30th December. So what to do in the meantime. Well good question the options:

  • Eat mince pies
  • Drink mulled wine
  • Eat some more mince pies
  • Eat the chocolates that are meant to be for Boxing Day!
  • Pretend it’s not Christmas and just carry on as usual!

It’s a good question. I’ve signed up to a 16 week plan so have two limbo weeks. So have decided to take a 2 week section of a sub 1:30 half marathon plan to fill these weeks. The plan is:

This is not a plan! It’s a pre-plan 🤣

So I started with a little over 3 miles today (16 Dec) and actually wasn’t really disciplined enough to run at 8min/miles. Must work on hitting target speeds better – slower ones just as importantly as the fast one ☝️.

And there it begins. 2 weeks with a planned total of around 81/82 miles to the 29 December.

Brighton training starts in earnest on the 30th December and I’m still working on the idea of targeting training for a sub 3:30 marathon come April. It’s not going to be easy but the journey there will be one interesting challenge. See you on the other side!

RR 16 Dec 2019

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