Week 6 Half Marathon Training

Post holiday I had a bit of mileage catch-up. I’ve also got an organised 18Km social run at the end of the week so my long run won’t be so long

Monday 27 August

bank Holiday bonus run on the Ridgeway trails. Took a run from home up to the Ridgeway via Harwell village and Harwell Campus. Good mix of road, footpath and trail with some good hills. Was a bit wet underfoot following some heavy rain over the weekend but a great 12 Km out and 12 Km back. The hills are roughing on this route and after a long journey home from holiday and seeing family the legs were tired!

Distance: 24.0Km

Time: 1Hr 56:24



10 miles- 1Hr 20:17

20Km – 1Hr 39:07

Tuesday 28 August

Rest day 👍

Wednesday 29 August

Warmup, 10x 1min at pace plus 1 min rest with each interval. Followed by cooldown. Raining at the start of the run, dark start!!

Pushed hard today

Distance: 12.0Km

Time: 55:18



Bunch of Strava segment PRs

Thursday 30 August

2x2mile tempo intervals. Really pushed this on tired legs. Can feel the benefit of the workout.

Distance: 12.0Km

Time: 53:36



10Km PB 43:32

Friday 31 August

Short easy run to end the weekday running. Rest day tomorrow.

Distance: 7.2Km

Time: 35:22



Got a second best ever time on a Strava segment

Saturday 01 September

Rest day 😀

Sunday 02 September

Had the pleasure of joining Runaway Adventures trail running group for an easy paced 18Km around Goring-on-Thames. Great bunch of people, some murderous hills but a fab time!

Distance: 17.6Km

Time: 1Hr 54:28



Just a lot of fun


Distance: 73Km

Time: 6Hr 14


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