Week 5 Half Marathon Training

Well this week will be off plan (again). On holiday in The Algarve, Portugal with the family so Training takes a back seat. But running shoes and gear found their way into the suitcase and some online research carried out to find somewhere nice to run (not very successful!!)


Finding my feet in the +30C heat so out early (still +25C) and taking it easy for 10Km. Bit of tourism running too. Found that running on these streets can be treacherous as they can be so sloppy when wet. Not helpful when all the bars and restaurants hose down their outside space in front of you!!

Duration: 1Hr 01:16

Distance: 10.0Km

Calories: 677

Achievements: nothing to note


Shorter but pushed harder. Still finding my way around and still being cautious of the path surface which isn’t quite up to the level at home. That said in the heat these workouts are good training.

Duration: 0Hr 46:44

Distance: 8.3Km

Calories: 553

Achievements: nothing to note


Rest day – and a couple of holiday drinks with the family 👍


Another 10Km. Heat not relenting! Found a better pace today and more confident on the route. Continuing to include some beach running which is such hard work!!

Duration: 0Hr 54:18

Distance: 10.0Km

Calories: 666

Achievements: nothing to note


Couple of short runs with my 15yr old son in the midday heat – 38C. Just a couple of 1-2 km light runs

Saturday and Sunday

Travel and returning home from holiday so no running. Back on it hard next week !

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