Week 4 Half Marathon Training

So following Sunday’s Long run I planned to take a slow week. I’m also on family holiday next week so Training schedule is likely to wobble, but there’s a fitness centre in our hotel so we will see.


Rest Day 1


Rest Day 2


40 minute easy run to ease the legs back into it after Sunday. No targets no challenge just left, right, left

Duration: 0Hr 40:05

Distance: 7.7Km

Calories: 517

Achievements: nothing to note


Long interval run. 2Km warmup and cool down with 9-ish Km in between at 5/10Km pace. Was hard work but happy with the result.

Duration: 0Hr 52:23

Distance: 11.3Km

Calories: 721

Achievements: nothing to note

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Rest days. Off on family holiday so Training cut short. Got to keep priorities in the right place sometimes. That said – running kit packed so there’ll definitely be some holiday running on the cards 👍

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