Week 2 Half Marathon Training

So this week was meant to be a few easy runs and a tempo run. I wasn’t able at the end of the week to get the long easy run in as planned due to family weekend stuff but planned to tick in an extra run on the Monday morning after (which I did and will be in next week)


Rest day and a lot of travelling!!


Got a longer morning run in as it’s a day off work but lots of kids things to do as it is school hols. Easy run. No particular pace or tempo targets. Just distance and duration.

Distance 15Km

Time 1Hr 11:26

Calories 952


1Km PB 4:07

1 Mike PB 6:49

15Km PB 1 hr 08:31


Rest day and back to work


Tempo runs 2 x 3Km tempo runs with 4 minute rests. Warm up and cool down too.

Run before work so out early. Struggled it felt the body was tired and not too keen but tried hard and worked at it and the results were great. A good few PBs in the training run list!

Distance 11.4

Time 51:03

Calories 717


5Km PB 21:29

10Km PB 43:54


Treadmill session in the evening. Another easy run. 40 minutes. Hate hate hate treadmill always seems so much more effort. Anyway. Got it done.

Distance 8Km

Time 40:14

Calories 513

Saturday and Sunday

Rest days from running. Just couldn’t get the long run in this week but adding a Monday run and planning an extra long run next weekend – wife permitting!!

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