Week 1 Half Marathon Training

So. Training for Windsor Half Marathon on 30 September and this is the MacMillan training plan.

Summary – a good start. Some hard efforts and some good pace. Mix of easy runs with interval and tempo which are unpleasant to run but build strength endurance and pace. Long run cut a bit short ( prefer another 30-45 min really) but busy weekend so happy to get in the runs I did. Sometimes you have to work to what else is going on and running has to adapt. On to week 2!

Week 1 (Monday to Sunday)

Day 1 – rest

(Easy managed that without any problem)

Day 2 – intervals

10 x 1mjn at pace with 1 min rests. Warm up and cold down

Total run time 00:45

Distance : 10Km

Achievements –

5Km 21:50

10Km 45:01 (PB)

Run around housing estate so nothing beautiful. Was a hard effort on this but a 10Km PB was perfect way to start my training

Day 3 – Rest

Tick 🙂

Day 4 – Tempo runs

6 x 1Km at pace with 2 min rest, warm up and cool down

Total run time : 0:44

Total distance : 10.1km

Achievements –

5Km 21:31

10Km 44:09 (PB)

Another run around the houses so not pretty but a great 2nd PB in 3days !

Day 5 – easy run

Total running time : 0:39

Total distance : 8.1km

Yet a further run around town but needed to squeeze this in before work!

Day 6 – Long Run – Easy

Again short of time so a medium run really!

Total running time : 1:11

Total distance : 15km

Achievements –

1 mile – 6:53

15km – 1:11:00

Day 7 – Rest

And relax 🙂

Week stats

Runs – 4

Time – 3 hr 29 min

Distance – 43.2 km

Calories – 2735

Achievements –

1 Mile PB

10Km PB twice

15km PB

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