My Running

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Why I run:

In January 2017 I hit 40.  no big deal i thought.  Well yes and no.  It didn’t bother me, no crying or panicking, but a realisation that i didn’t do anywhere near the level of exercise i thought i should.  So what to do?

Join the army? Join a Gym? give and don’t worry?

i thought about some of those ideas and then opened the front door.  We had recently moved to a new house in Didcot Oxfordshire and the house opens up onto a park, with a 1Km loop footpath.  loads of people were running on it, and hey presto, the answer was there.  i needed to run.

So i did.

In july 2017 i started and i haven’t looked back (apart from when crossing the road).  This blog is just my way of recording what i’ve done and there’s always a chance this is of interest to others.



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