My Running Gear

Page outlining the things i prefer when it comes to running.

I’ll Start with Socks.

I have tried a few socks out.  1000Mile, Hilly, Runderwear and Kelenji (probably not the correct spelling l) from Decathlon.  they all work.  but if im honest Hilly does it for me.  I find them comfortable over long distances, blister free and cushioned.  I use low and high socks with compression.  Hilly Socks get my vote.

Update – 24 July 2018. I’ve been running with Hilly Compression socks now for a few long runs and they are simply fantastic. On long runs my calf’s and ankles used to get a bit tired and achy. Now in the Hilly compression socks they feel really good and no sign of tiredness. I’ve moved up to regularly running 22km and more without any discomfort

Running Shoes

My first shoes were New Balance 690v4  bought relatively cheaply from an NB outlet store in Swindon, UK

Good and very lightweight  but quick to wear and not very supportive  I’m a neutral foot runner but some support is helpful!

From these I moved to Brooks shoes.  I went to a Sweatshop outlet in Reading, UK as I had googled gait analysis and they did it for free.

From this I opted for Brooks Ghost 10 a relatively heavy shoe but one I felt just had the right comfort and feeling of hugging my feet. These went on to do over 1000km.

Having found Brooks shoes comfortable I opted to get my first trail shoe from them also. The Cascadia 12. Another great shoe. More rigid than the Ghost 10 but amazing in the mud!!!

With my Brooks Ghost 10s feeling tired it was time to get new. I opted for Brooks Glycerin 15 as they were a good price. These I love too. They are very cushioned – more than the Ghost 10s I would say. I would however say the sole is not as durable and think these will lose grip on the sole very quickly!

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