June 24 to July 01 2018

So this week I managed to get the running shoes on 4 times. Which is my weekly aim.

Tuesday- 9Km out and about Didcot after work. Felt good. Temperature was down a bit and all went well. The route isn’t great. Some busy roads but got the distance and time of day it works. Got to keep safe as well as fit!

Thursday – We’ll England’s football match got in the way but I really wanted to get out. This time of year some nights are hardly dark so a late run should be fine! I headed out after the match and did 14Km. To be honest I should get a fluorescent top for this one on road section needs a bit more visibility to be safe. Best go shopping !

Friday – Treadmill day

There comes a point in the week where the treadmill has to come out. Childcare means Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings I’m on children duty so indoor running is the only option. I have a good treadmill (Reebok something or other), can do up to 16Km an hour which is good. Indoor running in the garage is a massive sweat box though and not something I enjoy. Ran intervals 10 min speed then 3 recovery. Repeated 3 times

Sunday – long run day

For our about 7:45am and managed 22Km in 1:49. Love running a route between Didcot, Harwell, Icknield Way towards Wantage then back through Harwell to Upton and then back to Didcot. Fuelled with Chia Charge mini flapjack at 9Km and SIS hydrogel around 15Km. Knackered by the time I got home but longest ever single run. Building at least 1Km a week as I move towards marathon distance running

Icknield way towards Wantage
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