July 02 to July 09 2018

Been juggling things around each week recently trying to get a settled pattern to running. My aim was Wednesday evening then Friday and Saturday evenings on the treadmill with a Sunday morning long run out. Been finding this tricky and the Saturday evening run has been resulting in some tired Sunday morning runs. I managed to get 4 runs in this week but in a different patter. Also got a great Friday morning run which I really enjoyed

Wednesday 4th

Evening run. Enjoyable, still warm but bearable. Happy with 4:40

Friday 6th AM

First one on this route in the morning and it was enjoyable. Slightly worried about timing and being late for work as I commute by rain to London but worked out well. Think I might look to employ at least one morning run going forward in the week. 4:51 not bad

Friday 6th PM

Treadmill- not my favourite way to work out !!!

Always seems hard to get the same speed and distance. Not sure why. Maybe my technique or the environment. I’m also running whilst watching baby monitors and listening out for children so maybe not the best setup. But it helps me obtain my targets and is really good for intervals or hill work

Sunday 8th

Massively enjoyable run. First @23Km. Not fast but even that early it was hot. Happy to increase my distance and had a good time around Harwell, Upton and Didcot. My preferred local long run route at the moment

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