Post weekend downs

Its Tuesday morning.  I’ve not run since Sunday morning. Something feels weird. I’m not sure at what point I got to the stage where not running for 48 hours felt wrong. Where running 47Km at a weeekend wouldn’t seem to be enough for a lifetime, and where the dull ache in my thighs Monday wasn’t enough to tell me to just sit and watch the World Cup for the next 3 weeks.

Things have changed.

Things are different.

… in a good way, I think.

I guess this shows that I’ve got a new hunger to do something new. A feeling of wanting to achieve something different. Why that means not running for 48 hours is like a bereavement I don’t know. It just, well is !

A year ago a weekend was busy, kids, family, trips and well work too at times 😦  but then the urge to run rose in me  I’ll write a bit more on that back story somewhere else.


looking back I never expected a year later to have run a half marathon, run and actually win a 10K trail run and have 4 more half or full marathons booked 😮

The other day the absurd hit too  why don’t I run an ultra marathon.  Well that might just be a story for another day.

so back to point.  It’s Tuesday and my feet want to run.  Sadly I’m on a train to london to work so that’s not happening soon.  Work is busy so it won’t happen during the day.  Besides I don’t have my kit , and the days of running around in pants and vest when you forget your PE kit at primary school might just be over for me!  Not sure the nice folk of White City W12 would like that either 🤭

sonill manage to make this evening and do some then  I’m using a training plan now for Windsor half one september it’s one mapMyRun and the next workout (technically for tomorrow) is tempo runs.

Lets see how we go

I love running and the buzz it gives, partly because the gaps in between are filled with the excitement of the last run and the anticipation of getting back out.


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The Start

I’m Nick and I’m a dad of 4 and a husband and a busy Operations Director in a Cancer research company in a London, UK. I took up running in late June 2017 aged 40 and thinking it was time to get active. This website contains some of my story, reports and records of my runs, achievements and races along with links to things I find useful.

I don’t expect anyone else to be that interested but if one person finds this of use or is inspired somehow to put on some trainers and get sweaty then that’s fantastic.

I’m also new to this website thing so this is growing and any ideas of things that might be useful to log let me know!

Good luck


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